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need help achieving heavy metal sound

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i have a problem i cant get that heavy metal sound i have tried---down tuning the guitar-59 reissue and gothic explorer micing my mesa boogie trem-o-verb with (4x12 retro cab) sm57 >gr nv2>distressor >oo2 same set up with a baby blue with no avail i tryed both mics mixed and still not there i have a pod xl and tried mixing both mics and pod -i also tried amplitube mixed in alone and buy its self any ideas have also tried with a marshall dsl40 wt witch suprised me for tone but still not what i'm trying to acheive will be getting a royer 121 (on order) - but still think thats not what i need how is it done ?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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