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Band: Mor Dagor
Genre Black Metal, Death Metal
Herkunft Essen, NRW, Deutschland
Label Keine Angabe
Alias ---
"Torturer" founded Mor Dagor in 1996 with the aim to commemorate extreme as well as fast Black Metal. After four years of intense work on the musical direction and composition of songs the first release "Bloodstream" - a mini CD containing six tracks - was recorded at the CKB Studio in Essen in 2000.

Due to the success of "Bloodstream" many concerts were played in that period of time and until 2001. In December 2001 the first album "Human Execution" with 11 tracks was produced, trusting once again in the CKB Studio.

Because of his abilities as a drummer "Torturer" caught the attention of Austria's Belphegor who also hired him as a drummer. In 2003 Mor Dagor went on a self organized European tour with Asmodeus (AT) and Cirith Gorgor (NL) while furthermore working on the follower to "Human Execution".

Twilight Distribution got interested in Mor Dagor so a cooperation deal could be signed which resulted in a re-release of "Human Execution" as well as the release of their second album "Necropedophilia" in 2004. In 2005 Ketzer Records released a split-EP of Mor Dagor and Cirith Gorgor.

After gathering a new line-up Mor Dagor started concentrating on material for the third album. "Mk. IV" was recorded as well as produced from December 2008 until January 2009 at Andy Classen's Stage One Studio and is ready to be unleashed.


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