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21.04.2017 16:47 UhrNews

The Night Flight Orchestra

Animiertes Video zur Single 'Gemini'

The Night Flight Orchestra


Die skandinavische Supergroup THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA haben ein animiertes Space-Drama als Video ihrer neuen Single "Gemini" veröffentlicht. Diese stammt vom kommenden Album "Amber Galactic", dem Nachfolger des 2015 erschienenen "Skyline Whispers".


Das Video zu "Gemini! stammt von Elia Cristofoli, welcher bereits an Kampagnen von Subaru, Canon und Volvo arbeitete.

Sänger Björn Strid:

 "Elia has done a terrific job capturing the vibe of this song with his amazing animations. He had one month to complete it and worked day and night. This video showcases a relationship drama set in space, with an epic twist. The colours and the characters are amazing and also very mysterious. My personal perception of the animationis a slight He-Man-goes-to-Russia feel (Or is it She-Ra??). Absolutely fantastic! Enjoy!"


Elia Cristofoli zu seiner Arbeit:

"When Björn asked me for a fully-cartoon music video in 80's style, with so many intergalactic babes destroying alien monsters, a joker grin drew on my face. I love 80's cartoons like He-Man, Ken Shiro, etc. Then David sent me the script with a storyboard. I read their story. These guys are out of control, I thought. Just as I like! I spent a few days studying the design of the characters and the spaceships, then I started drawing like a psychopath. I figure I was amused. I hope NFO fans like the video. Rock on!"




Während die Single "Gemini" ab sofort erhältlich ist, werden wir uns auf die "Amber Galactic" Langrille  noch bis zum 19. Mai gedulden müssen. Vorbestellen als CD und Vinyl kann man jedoch schon via Nuclear Blast!


The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic

"Amber Galactic" Tracklist:

1. Midnight Flyer
2. Star Of Rio
3. Gemini
4. Sad State Of Affairs
5. Jennie
6. Domino
7. Josephine
8. Space Whisperer
9. Something Mysterious
10. Saturn In Velvet
11. Just Another Night BONUS TRACK (Limited Edition Digipak, Vinyl)
12. Fly Tonight (Never Rewind) BONUS TRACK (Nur Japan)

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The Night Flight Orchestra



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