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Orange Goblin

'The Wolf Bites Back' im Juni

Orange Goblin

Das neue Album ist im Kasten, es steht einem Release über Candlelight/Spinefarm im Juni also nichts mehr im Weg. ORANGE GOBLIN haben neun Songs in den Orgone Studios zusammen mit Produzenten Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Grave Pleasures) aufgenommen. Sänger Ben Ward spricht mit Begeisterung über das neue Material:


"We are very excited about this new album. 'The Wolf Bites Back' is our strongest and most diverse collection of songs to date, it's certainly a lot darker both musically and lyrically. It is still definitely a distinct ORANGE GOBLIN album but we have incorporated a lot more variation on this record and there are hints of CAN, CAPTAIN BEYOND, WISHBONE ASH and THE STOOGES nestling amongst the obvious SABBATH and MOTÖRHEAD influences. Lyrically, I have explored everything from alien serial killers to zombie biker gangs, Buddhist warriors through to descendants of the Salem witches!

There was definitely a concerted effort to make sure all the songs could work in a live environment which gives the album a more raw, stripped-back feel — something that I feel has been lacking from good rock and metal in recent years.

Working with Jaime Gomez Arellano was really productive and a great experience, especially going back to tracking stuff to tape. I feel that he got the best out of all of us as musicians and songwriters and that really comes across in the songs, there is an air of confidence and experience. It was also a real honor for us to have Phil Campbell of MOTÖRHEAD lending his hand to a couple of solos on there, too!"


Eine vollständige Tracklist und die Optik der Langrille gibt es noch nicht zu sehen, aber ein paar Songtitel hat die Band schon enthüllt: "Son Of Salem", "Ghost Of The Primitives", "Burn The Ships", "Zeitgeist" und "Suicide Division". Roland Scriver von Familiar Ink wird "The Wolf Bites Back" ein  Gesicht geben.

(Autor Saskia Z.)


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