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Interview mit Vincent Crowley von Acheron

Interview mit Vincent Crowley von Acheron

Sascha S.: Hello Mr. Crowley. Would you please introduce yourself for the ignorant.

Vincent: I am Vincent Crowley, the Vocalist/Bassist/founder of the band ACHERON.

Sascha S.: You're about to launch a new album in 2013. What will "Kult des Hasses" sound like? I already heard 2 demo-songs and I think it is maybe the best stuff you ever did...

Vincent: The demo was just a little home studio recording we did to hear what the songs would be sounding like and to send to record labels. We have been getting great response about them. Our last album "THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God" was very well received and this album is an evolution from that. Straight forward underground assaults with some dark catchy riffs. All ACHERON fans of any era should enjoy this upcoming release.

Sascha S.: When will it be released any special editions planned?

Vincent: We had to delay the recording due to something beyond our control. So we are looking at a Fall or Winter Release in 2013, if all goes as planned. LISTENABLE RECORDS has been very understanding and supportive of the situation.

Sascha S.: Why did you choose a german title for the Album? Will there be a song in german on it as well?

Vincent: German is such a powerful sounding language, so I felt using a title like that would be interesting. I don't speak German, so there will be no songs in German.

Sascha S.: Are you happy so far with your new Label Listenable Records?

Vincent: So far they have been treating us good. But we really haven't started to do anything yet. I have know the owner Laurent for a long time and he really wants to give ACHERON the push we never got before with other labels. I'm looking forward to working with them.

Sascha S.: ACHERON has ever been pure Metal Underground. What would you say if the new Album would be an unexpected financial success? "Kult des Hasses" goes Top Ten or stuff like that...

Vincent: Well, I don't see that happening, but making some money doing something without censorship would be great. (Ha, Ha) We do hope to take the band to the next level, but we will never change our views or style to achieve that. Let's just hope our true fans and some new ones really show some support on this upcoming album.

Sascha S.: What jobs do you guys have? Or do you earn money by offending christians?

Vincent: We all have regular jobs. Fans sometimes don't understand that playing this type of music doesn’t pay the bills for many bands. We do this for the loyalty of the underground and love of this type of music. If I earned money offending Christians I'd be fucking rich! (Ha, Ha)

Sascha S.: Your lyrics have always been anti-christian. What influences do you have got lyrically and musically?

Vincent: My life influences my lyrics. There is nothing but pure emotion in my real hatred for religion. Satainism, The Occult and Horror are also big influences. As for musical influences I'd have to say my personal ones are bands like BLACK SABBATH, VENOM, MERCYFUL FATE, CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER, SODOM, DESTRUCTION, SLAYER, NASTY SAVAGE and DARK ANGEL.

Sascha S.: What is the best piece of music in your opinion?

Vincent: I like all the ACHERON releases. They are like my kids. But I do think the newer stuff is much better written material and with better musicianship.

Sascha S.: Please tell us something about ACHERON's founding back in 1988.

Vincent: I founded ACHERON after I quit playing guitar in the band NOCTURNUS. I just wanted to do my own project and have it be as Satanic and Anti-Religious as possible. I think my plan worked! (Ha, Ha)

Sascha S.: Not many people know that you were a member of NOCTURNUS and played guitar on the first Demo. Why did you leave them?

Vincent: I just wanted to do my own thing and the band was starting to take on another direction into the Science Fiction type lyrics. I think it was better for both of us. I did my thing and they did theirs.

Sascha S.: ACHERON split up in 2010 and came together just a few months later. What happend?

Vincent: Some personal problems within the band got out of hand and I was just done with things. But later my drummer Kyle Severn and I mended fences and working all the problems out. Everything is back to normal again. Sometimes the stress of a band can cause some serious drama. It is a brutal business.

Sascha S.: Why did ACHERON had some much line-up changes? I read one of your old guitarists owns a porn magazine is that right?

Vincent: That is just how things have been throughout the years, Chuck from DEATH did the same thing, as do many other bands. It is hard to keep a steady line-up when you're doing this type of music. It's not a huge money maker and many people think they are going to be Rock Stars after doing an album. This band will always be my baby and I will keep it together as long as I can.

Sascha S.: What about your project WOLFEN SOCIETY? Any new stuff in the pipeline or was it just for the mini-cd?

Vincent: There has indeed been some talk about doing another WOLFEN SOCIETY album, but it is just talk as of now.

Sascha S.: You are an active member in the Church of Satan. Are you still a Reverend? What is your function there?

Vincent: No, I resigned from that organization back in 2000. No offence, but I talked about the CHURCH OF SATAN for the first 10 years of my band. Now that I am no longer affiliated I don’t want to waste time talking about tat group. Sorry.

Sascha S.: Could you explain us what satanism really is and what it means to you?

Vincent: In this point of my life I have come to believe that Satanism is a lifestyle, not a religion. You either are a Satanist or you're not. Satanists are born, not made! I bow before no gods, nor do I support any kind of organized religions. I have Occult interests and think there may indeed be other planes of existence, but that is a whole other story.

Sascha S.: ACHERON did a gig at the Neurotic Death Fest this year. Any plans for a future european tour?

Vincent: Yes, we plan to do some touring next year and play as many festivals as we can.

Sascha S.: I know that you are also a big Film Fan. What are your favourite movies?

Vincent: I like so many, but some real classics are NATURAL BORN KILLERS, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, THE OMEN Trilogy, MARTYRS, A SERBIAN FILM, FEAST Trilogy, THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE, GATES OF HELL and of course the classics like HELLRAISER, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH, HALLOWEEN and all the George A. Romero Zombie flicks.

Sascha S.: Thanks a lot for the interview and your time. The last words are yours...

Vincent: Many thanks for the interest and support! We hope everyone checks out the new ACHERON album "KULT DES HASSES" when it comes out on LISTENABLE RECORDS next year and comes to see us live in concert. We hope for next year to be a very busy time for ACHERON.
Let the madness begin! Ave Satanas!

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