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Interview mit Erik von Timecode

Interview mit Celso Garces von Timecode

Malte H.: Hi Celso, how are you?

Celso: I'm pretty well, thank you very much. Hope that everything is ok there too.

Malte H.: First of all, since this is our first interview for, I'd like you to introduce your band TIMECODE to our readers.

Celso: I'll try to summarize these 19 years without boring you. TimecodE is a Death Metal band from Santiago de Chile, our roots date back to 1994 with another name. In 1999, we started as TimecodE and thanks to our first official production in 2003, the EP "Endless Feelings" released by a Dutch label called Real Noise Records, we acquired some consistency and visibility. In 2004, we finally managed to consolidate our line-up with Abraham Lazo on vocals, Danilo Estrella on drums, Víctor Trujillo on bass, Ricardo Espinoza and me on guitars. Together we recorded the DVD "Live in Confinement" in 2005 with the purpose of giving a preview of what would be our first full length. In 2007, we began the recordings of "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder", the first album of the band that was released independently in 2009 and which was very well received by the national and international audience.

In 2010, we signed a contract to release a new album with the prestigious Chilean label Australis Records, but our singer Abraham decided to leave the band. However, we kept writing new material and looking for a new singer. Then, our current front man Felipe "V" joined the band. With him the band completed one of the strongest line-ups we ever had.

Under the musical production of Igor Leiva (Poema Arcanvs) in July of 2011, we started the recording process for "Lapses", the second album of the band which was released in July 2012 and one year after its release is still giving us satisfaction.

Malte H.: After some EP's and the debut "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" you guys released your second album "Lapses" in 2012. You gained 8 out of 10 points on, congratulations!
How were the reactions on your work so far?

Celso: We received positive comments so far and praises from those who heard "Lapses", which certainly pleases us and motivates us to keep working. I write to please myself first and I assure you that the members of TimecodE work searching to feel pleased themselves, so we appreciate when people enjoy what we do, especially because we know that we can’t force people to like our music.

Malte H.: I described "Lapses" as a pretty complex, progressive and deep album. There are many things to discover every time the CD is turning. Would you agree? And how would you describe "Lapses" in your own words?

Celso: I absolutely agree with you my friend. I consider it a complex album and the only way to describe it is that the result is just a reflection of how it was processed. It wasn’t a random work, definitely we work on this album with the purpose of achieving on conceptualize our music and I think we did it, no doubt about, we are very satisfied. "Lapses" captured the emotions and influences of each member which resulted in a range of sounds and feelings that make it very interesting. The album also has several elements that aren't hidden, but you need to pay attention in order to understand it, for example, why is the phrase "I'M NOT SANE" presented in each lyric?, why don’t the lyrics in the booklet follow the sequence of the track list?, why are some verses invested but it doesn't lose sense?... well, let the readers who are interested in "Lapses" find it out.

Malte H.: There are two stand-out elements on the album: The excellent riffs and the great drumming. It seems like you guys have many ideas how to build up a song. Please tell us in which way the songwriting is done. Is there one main songwriter or do you all write the songs together in the rehearsal room?

Celso: Thank you for your words my friend. You couldn't imagine how complex that process is for us. There is an important and influential factor in the band at the time of writing, there are members who live so far away from Santiago, plus this, jobs, duties and several activities outside the band make the processes be subjected to two steps, during the first one I usually spend days diving through seas of riffs and ideas that usually end up in the trash until I find the chords that allow me to start a track. Once it happened and I fully complete the track, I record demos in my house and send it to each member defining more ideas thanks to the tools of the "cyber world". When the decisions are taken, the second step begins, in which each member comes to work on the demo, I mean, Danilo works composing drums, Víctor works his bass parts, to finish it in the rehearsal room complementing and defining details in order to practice it over and over again until the track sticks in our minds. As you see, it's a cumbersome process and sometimes it lasts several months, (perhaps in this creating process you can find the answer to the madness and deepness that flow from our music), but it's the way we've found to work taking in mind the distance and responsibilities facing our desires to do metal.

Malte H.: As I meantioned before the riffs on "Lapses" are outstanding. Are there any bands - or in your case any special guitarist - which influenced TIMECODE or your style of playing guitar? I was told that you are a fan of KING CRIMSON?

Celso: Bill Steer (Carcass), Boudewijn Bonebakker (Gorefest), Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy) and Devin Townsend are definitely my referents. I enjoy and appreciate each album of the bands that these great musicians are involving, they definitely are an important part of my life around metal and although I know that they are reflected in my way to write and play, I try not to imitate them. With respect to King Crimson, I'm a massive fan ever, each album for me is a masterpiece. Robert Fripp is simply a genius and as I wanted the new album was the result of our sounds searching, I tried to impregnate me with some tones that this great band achieves in their music.

Malte H.: Please tell us a little more about the lyrics on "Lapses". Is there a deeper lyrical concept behind it?

Celso: I'm not a lyricist so I had to delve into books, movies and some records of the 60's and 70’s to achieve the results that I want. The concept for "Lapses" was clear, keep the concept used in "PTSD" exploring further into the imagination and insanity that represent each chord of our music. I'm not an expert on the subject, I wrote regarding my perspective on how a sick person could see the world and life. Each lyric is a moment of irrationality and suffering based simply on my imagination mixed with some life experiences which undoubtedly gave cohesion between them. Where do I get ideas for the small details? That I reserve only for TimecodE. Hehehehe.

Malte H.: If you had to compare "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" to "Lapses", what would you think are the main differences? And which words would you use to describe the development between both albums and the band's development in general?

Celso: Technical aspects such as sound and production are the most relevant differences between the albums. I certainly think that the composition in our first album sought a musical identity, but in "Lapses" we got it. Do we have more experience? Do we have more cohesion among the musicians? I don't know, it is difficult to explain our development because nothing is intentional when we make our music. Anyway, we appreciate both equally, because each one marked a step in our career as musicians within the band.

Malte H.: I talked to Luis Moya of POEMA ARCANVS about their inspirations once and he said that their music is as dark as it is, 'cause the weather and climate in Chile is so hard. With a lot of rain and fog. Is the climate an influence for your music, too, since it's also pretty dark and melodic? If not: What are the influences for TIMECODE?

Celso: I had not thought about it, but now that I think clearly, of course it influences our music, during those days of rain and fog, one of the few things I can do is lock you up and look into my mind hoping to discover some interesting things, but to be honest when I write I try not to follow patterns, I just push my ideas until to reach the point of being satisfied, and as for my lyrics, I just look for make it so insane as possible, nothing more.

Malte H.: Your album was mixed and mastered by another member of POEMA ARCANVS, Guitarist Igor Leiva. How did that come about?

Celso: The decision to work with Igor was taken because we knew that he had participated as producer on several high-level albums, which gave us complete confidence that with him we would achieve an excellent result. He has the technical equipment that any band would like to have, and we knew that he would bring to "Lapses" his experience and professionalism to achieve an optimal outcomes. Our bass player, Víctor Trujillo works with Poema Arcanvs so the conversations started there, Igor heard the demos of "Lapses" and then he was interested, so he agreed to work with us.

Malte H.: It seems to me like the metal bands in Chile are very familiar with each other. What are your thoughts about this?

Celso: Of course, I think here in Chile we have an excellent relationship between the scene of metal bands, which for me is necessary. Keep permanent union of those who participated in our scene is paramount, not just bands, here everyone is important to strengthening the metal music like anywhere in the world.

Malte H.: How would you describe the chilean metal scene in general? Is it difficult to find locations to play live?

Celso: In my opinion, despite the difficulties that our country gives us (We are an extremely long country), I think it's one of the best metal scenes in South America; extreme audience, bands with international recognition, quality events, all elements that contribute to a permanent growth. Regrettably Santiago lost a lot of locations to play, but luckily and slowly they have been appearing and increasing, obviously local bands appreciate it.

Malte H.: It's kind of mandatory for chilean bands to sign with Australis Records, right? It looks like it's the main label for bands from Chile. Have you ever thought about another label than Australis?

Celso: Australis Records is simply the most prestigious label today in our country. Rodrigo Osorio is the label owner and I believe that his professionalism and dedication with which he works is what ultimately attracts national metal musicians. He is a person who never close doors and in our particular case, after spending a long time looking for a label, he was the only one interested in our work. To be honest for now we're still working on promoting "Lapses" with Australis Records, so we haven't talked about our next album, but we will never close the possibilities to any offering that comes to us.

Malte H.: Are there any side-projects by your band members? Or is all the effort and energy put into TIMECODE?

Celso: Yes, we have members involved in other bands; Víctor Trujillo participates in Gangrenous from Valparaíso, Felipe has several side projects, including his own band Aura Hiemis, Danilo has its parallel projects where he lives, Los Andes, Ricardo and me are currently dedicated exclusively to TimecodE. I participated in side projects, but the truth is that a sum of personal situations only allow me to focus on my band.

Malte H.: We've nearly reached the end of the interview. As a last point, I always like to ask about some recommendations. Are there some chilean bands you'd like to recommend to our readers?

Celso: Poema Arcanvs, Target, Trimegisto, Anima Inmortalis, Necrofusion, Dismorfia, Thornafire, Recrucide, Animus Mortis, Undertaker of the Damned, Desire Of Pain, Aura Hiemis, Death Incarnate, Entrospect are some of the bands that come to my mind right now, but I'm being unfair for not following mentioned. The Chilean metal Bands certainly are one of the best in South America, so don't hesitate to listen metal from Chile my friends.

Malte H.: That's it! Celso, thank you for your patience and time answering my questions and I wish you and TIMECODE all the best for the future! Keep on rockin' and maybe we'll meet some day in Chile or here in good old Germany for a beer. ;)
The last words are yours!

Celso: t was a very entertaining talk Malte, I hope readers will also enjoy it. Thank you very much for the opportunity you have given to me to introduce TimecodE in and certainly we appreciate that you enjoyed our work. We hope that more people will continue joining to the already insane horde in which "Lapses" entered, so I invite you to visit our websites: If you wish to contact directly with the band, you can write to: And of course, if you want to buy our album "Lapses", you can write to: Greetings from Santiago de Chile. Cheers!!!

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