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Interview mit Wille von Sons of Aeon

Bianca P.: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. You are no newcomers indeed and all of you have had several bands beforehand. But let's get back to the very start. When did you first get into touch with Heavy Metal music? What have been your favourite bands?

Wille: I'm not quite sure exactly when or how I got into heavier music but I do remember I have a photograph somewhere of myself wearing a WASP t-shirt at the age of eight so it definitely started pretty early. I remember I knew some older guys in the neighborhood and they would record tapes for me...Ratt, Mötley Crue, Maiden, WASP...all that. That's how it all started. I had my disco music period for some years after that but I got into metal again during my teenager years and have more or less stayed on that path ever since. We got into Metallica, Nirvana, Sepultura, I bought my first guitar and we formed our first band. This was in the early nineties. Guess I was around 15 at that time. Quite quickly extreme metal came into picture as well and we started digging Brutal Truth, Carcass, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh, Xysma, Cathedral etc.

Bianca P.: What was the first instrument you ever played and what were your first experiences in playing in a band?

Wille: I have always played only guitar in bands. My first band was called Sunride. Originally we had growling vocals and the music was a weird mixture of metal and alternative rock. The metal part of it died pretty soon and we carried on as a rock band for ten years. We released three albums on Century Medias sub-label People Like You.

Bianca P.: Can you remember the name of your very first band? Even if it was just a schoolband? What kind of music did you play?

Wille: Sunride. However, we had a few different names for it in the beginning when the music was more metal...I can't remember the original one but it was latin anyway...Carnalis something...second name was Souls Embrace until we changed that to Sunride a bit later and started playing rock music.

Bianca P.: What were the next steps to take? Which path did you follow until Sons of Aeon were finally formed?

Wille: After Sunride was put to hiatus, myself, Janne and Veli-Matti from Sunride and Manne and Tommi (also bass in SoA) from Zerocharisma (later Revolt) formed Ghost Brigade in 2005. Sons Of Aeon was formed some years after that. I guess around 2009 or 2010. I was living in Helsinki at that time and Tapio lived there as well. We hung out a lot and occasionally talked about forming a band together some day because we have amazingly similar outlook on music in general. Then, at some point we took the next step and sent some home recordings to each other. It was quite something to notice that these songs (skeletons of Weakness and Wolf Eyes) sounded like the same band so we basically had no other choice than form Sons Of Aeon.

Bianca P.: Some of you have been part of well-known bands like Ghost Brigade and Swallow the Sun. Why did you decide to form a new band? What is different with Sons of Aeon?

Wille: Well, they just fill different musical needs, basically.
Ghost Brigade is something that I take very very seriously, it is the work of my heart and soul.
I am a perfectionist in that band and that sometimes can be a bit exhausting. Sons Of Aeon is a great way to balance that as this band doesn't go so "deep" for me personally. It's more about hanging out with my buddies and playing metal we like. It's very simple.

Bianca P.: Do you fear to be compared with your former/other bands?

Wille: No, because SoA is world's apart from any of our other bands.

Bianca P.: Your debut album "Sons of Aeon" has been released a short time ago. How have the genereal reactions towards the album been?

Wille: Very good. We just found out that the record made it to official finnish TOP 40 album chart, that was totally unexpected surprise. The reviews I've seen have been positive as well so it's all good. I was actually waiting for at least some hate because this type of music would be so easy to diss but so far so good. I'm sure there are some underground elitists hiding somewhere who would have a thing or two not so positive things to say about SoA but nah...I don't really bother to care. I'm too old for that game hehe.

Bianca P.: Can you tell me something about the writing process? Who is mainly responsible for the lyrics and what is the message behind them?

Wille: Me and Tapio usually write the songs, together or depends. Tommi has written some riffs as well. Tapio, Tony and myself write the lyrics. I believe Tonys lyrics are more philosophical and global where as mine and Tapios lyrics are more personal.

Bianca P.: How would you describe your music and which song do you think represents it best?

Wille: Oh man, I never get used to this question. I don't know how to describe our music because when you write music, this is the last thing you'll think of. So I don't know. If I say it's metal music, would that be enough? I think people just need to form their own opinions by giving the record a listen. I don't think there is one song that represents us best. You need to hear the whole thing to get a good picture in my opinion.

Bianca P.: The last song of the album "Black Sheep Process" is a pure instrumental song and also probably one of the most diverse songs. Is there any particular reason why you chose to include this song and make it the final song of the album?

Wille: That's Tapios song. We jammed that riff for a long time before making it an instrumental. I don't know, it just felt like a good way to end the record.

Bianca P.: In my opinion, your music is not easily put into just one genre. Where would you see and what do you think about the current metal scene and their genre policy?

Wille: That's very true and to be honest, genres are bullshit anyway. I don't really understand why it's sometimes such a big deal. Ghost Brigade is a very good example of this. When we released our first two records people tried to put us to different genres for years. We were called sludge, metal, alternative metal, gothic metal, post-metal, stoner metal and I don't know what else. There must have been a hundred different genres for us. It's ridiculous. Now, after three records that war finally seems to be over and most people just call us Ghost Brigade. I hope the same thing happens to SoA with time.
I don't know much about the current metal scene and to be honest, apart from a very few exceptions I'm really not that interested. If I listen to metal, I usually go back to the nineties stuff.

Bianca P.: Who was responsible for the album artwork and is there a message behind it?

Wille: I design cover art for both of my bands. Lighthouse is a well known symbol for permanence, constancy, safety and hope. I decided to use this object on the cover because it goes pretty well together with the band name as well as some of the lyrical themes on the album.

Bianca P.: Have you been playing any gigs yet? What can fans expect from a gig of yours?

Wille: We've only done a few shows here and there. Hopefully more in the future. What can you expect from a liveshow? Come and see for yourself.

Bianca P.: Is there any particular location or any festival you would love to play?

Wille: Not really.

Bianca P.: Do you prefer playing in a small club or playing a major festival?

Wille: Doesn't matter, I like to play pretty much everywhere. From punk rock caves to big festivals, its all good.

Bianca P.: What would be your favourite band to share the stage with?

Wille: With SoA? Carcass would do!

Bianca P.: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Wille: Shows.

Bianca P.: We're reaching the end of the interview. Is there anything you always wanted to tell your fans?

Wille: Hehe, we're so new band that do we even have fans? Well, if we do, I would just like to say thank you for checking us out.

Bianca P.: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I wish you the best of luck in the future. The last words belong to you.

Wille: Thanks for doing this, appreciate it. Good questions.


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