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Interview mit Luis Moya von Poema Arcanus

Interview mit Luis Moya von Poema Arcanus

Malte H.: Shall we start?

Luis: Yeah!

Malte H.: I guess, some of our readers don't know POEMA ARCANVS well. So first of all I'd like you to introduce your band to our readers.

Luis: Well, this is Luis (drummer) of POEMA ARCANVS, an "arcane metal" band! We have always been labeled as doom but maybe we don't fit to that all the time, so we call it "arcane metal". We began many years ago in Chile as GARBAGE, GARBAGE BREED (old names) playing some kind of grindcore stuff. Then we "evolved" to a more atmospheric kind of music but at the same time keeping some death on it, with the time, some progresive touch... then it made sense to change the name to POEMA ARCANVS, which means some kind of "arcane poem".

Malte H.: At the end of the last year you guys released your 5th album "Transient Chronicles". Congratulations! It's another great output in the era of POEMA ARCANVS. Are you satisfied with the result?

Luis: Yeah, of course! Taking in consideration that we did it in a very short period of time and we are not used to do that... we have always taken a long time to make a record because we let the music to be more mature... so to speak. But anyway, we are very satisfied with the result.

Malte H.: As far as I could overview it, the reactions of press and fans were pretty good. Is it important for you what all those metalzines write about your album? Do you read the reviews? I know of some bands saying that they don't care about all the stuff being written.

Luis: We are glad that we have very good reviews, and yes, we read them... but, it doesn't mean that we make our music for the media and stuff. We make the music that we want to do and every time it came naturally for all of us, never followed a trend not even a specific style, we are open to make the music that we think is good for us... now, if you like it... that's cool, if you don't... that's cool, too!

Malte H.: Yeah, I understand this.
And since it's really hard to label your music, it's also pretty hard to describe all the different aspects taking place in your sound. I know it's hard, but how would you describe the sound of "Transient Chronicles" in a few words to someone who never heard any song of POEMA ARCANVS?

Luis: Uff, that's hard to answer because "Transient Chronicles" is a natural "evolution" from the past LP's... every previous production has it's own taste for us and for the audience. Collecting some opinions that we've heard in the european tour I would say "progressive doom-death". The important thing to me is that, although we have different records with different tastes, we always sound like POEMA ARCANVS.

Malte H.: Absolutely! But since Michel Leroy left the band, your music turned into a straighter direction, I think. Moving away from the more experimental music like it has been on "Iconoclast" and escpecially "Telluric Manifesto". I know that Michel left the band 'cause there were some differences on how POEMA ARCANVS should sound like. How does his leaving affect the songwriting and why did you choose not to add a new keyboarder to the bands lineup?

Luis: That's correct! You know better than me!!! Hahaha...yeah, "Telluric Manifesto" was the most experimental album that we wanted to do, but not more than that. And Michel was to much into experimental stuff that we decided to take different directions, and yes... we wanted hard to come back to a more straight, direct, simple music. On the other hand Michel was a great contributor in composing. Right now we left the keyboard more laid back and every one is bringing ideas and songs to the studio.

Malte H.: Nonetheless there are some Keys on "Transient Chronicles" which are being played by Don Zaros of the mighty EVOKEN. How did that come about?

Luis: Yeah! Don keeps in touch with Igor [Leiva] or Claudio [Carrasco] I guess...and I think that it came like a friendly chat. As far as I know he have always been a POEMA ARCANVS fan and he wanted to do something with us... on the other hand we wanted more elaborated keyboards in a specific it came out at the right time!

Malte H.: That's pretty cool. Don and EVOKEN are pure beasts, haha!
While we're more or less on the subject of your lineup: With Pablo Tapia the band has got a new bass player. What happened to Juan Pablo Vallejos? I read that he is (or was?) the new bassist of chilean thrash band NECROSIS?

Luis: Yes, but he just left NECROSIS, too, hahaha... now he is playing in SACRAMENTO and another band called IDOL with an ex-CRIMINAL guitar player. With ex-CRIMINAL I mean the band CRIMINAL.... hahaha.

Malte H.: Hahaha. But why did he left POEMA ARCANVS?

Luis: He wanted to do more straight ahead stuff and also he got kind of bored, too, about the "seriousness" of the band.

Malte H.: I understand. That's sad.
But talking about the "seriousness": The lyrics are always an important part of POEMA ARCANVS' music. They are dark, deep, but also sometimes with an ironic touch, I think. What are the influences for the lyrics?

Luis: Actually, I don't write lyrics but, yeah, they are dark and deep, hopeless and also with anger, frustration... but most of all, they are all about real life experiences and all of it's bullshit.

Malte H.: Are there any bands which influenced the sound of POEMA ARCANVS?

Luis: Yeah, of course... VOIVOD, PARADISE LOST, RUSH, CANDLEMASS, MORBID ANGEL, to name a few, but we always strive to get our sound.

Malte H.: Let's talk about your tour at the end of the last year. It was the first time that you're playing in Europe, right?

Luis: Actually not for me, it was my second tour in Europe. The first time was back in 2009 as the touring drummer for PROCESSION. But yes, this was the first time for POEMA ARCANVS. We had the chance to go earlier after the release of the "Iconoclast "album, but many problems emereged at that time.

Malte H.: Ah, okay. So, what are your impression of the european metalheads compared to the chilean metalheads? Are there differences?

Luis: Chilean metalheads are crazy motherfuckers!!! European metalheads are more relaxed, respectful, but awesome, too.

Malte H.: We met at the Schlachtfest in Aurich where you guys were playing for like 100 people or something like that. It was an awesome show but isn't it strange to travel that far and then playing for such a small group of people?

Luis: Yeah, it was kind of a local gig and we were expecting lots of gigs like that, like in Chile outside of Santiago. We have played in Dutch Doom Days and Doom Over Vienna which were larger audiences... anyway, to me it doesn't matter, Aurich was AWESOME!

Malte H.: Haha, I can subscribe this!
You guys were hanging around a lot outside the backstage-area at the Schlachtfest, having a chat with your fans outside the hall or at the merch which was very cool. How important is it for you to have direct contact to your fans and getting their feedback?

Luis: It's one of the most important things! Their feedback is always wonderful and make us feel that we are not wasting our time... it is an effort to have a not-mainstream band and do this kind of records, touring, etc...

Malte H.: You toured together with THE OUTSIDE. How did that come about? Did you know Alberto and Sergio, who are both chileans, before?

Luis: Yeah, of course, we are friends and have played together in Chile before as well... and despite of the different style of both bands we all support each other.

Malte H.: That's how metal is supposed to be, right? Sharing the same passion, helping each other and it doesn't matter if it's doom or death or black or whatever-metal.

Luis: Sure it is!!! That's the whole idea!!!

Malte H.: Haha, absolutely!
The end of the interview is coming near. But before we'll finish this, let's talk a little bit about doom metal in South-America respectively Chile. When asking any doom maniac about doom from South-America, POEMA ARCANVS is one of the first names appearing. It seems like you guys had kind of a pioneer-role when it comes to doom metal in Chile. Would you subscribe it?

Luis: Well, POEMA ARCANVS was the first band to do that style I guess... but then many good bands appeared, MAR DE GRISES, PROCESSION, MOURNERS LAMENT, just to name a few, and we have collaborated and played together may times, we are also friends too.

Malte H.: As you said: There are some good doom bands from Chile. It seems like there is a small but good doom scene in your country. And it seems like all those bands are excellent in their style of doom on one hand and on the other hand each one of them is pretty hard to label. For example POEMA ARCANVS, the already mentioned MAR DE GRISES or UARAL with their sort of folky doom.
Is this kind of a trademark for chilean doom? To be hard to label?

Luis: Yeah, maybe. We are kind of different from the rest of South-America... other countries are more hard rock or "tropical" if you will. We have lots of rain, fog... winter, snow which kind of feels right for the music we do...and you are right, there are lots of good doom bands in Chile but the good thing is that we are all different.

Malte H.: You guys were signed to Aftermath Music, an european label, as you released "Timeline Symmetry". Now you're on Australis Records, an chilean label, as far as I know. What happened to your deal with Aftermath?

Luis: Well, we felt that Aftermath was not to much into our kind of music lately... but at the begining it was awesome, and now we needed a change, fresher approach and we decided to go after a chilean label to see what happens.

Malte H.: Alright! One last time going back to the older days: How did you get into metal back in the past? And what was (or is) the reason for you to play such doomy music?

Luis: I've always liked metal of course, that's the only way to play music for me! But I never listened to doom stuff until I got some friends to actually play with them... on the other hand, I liked jazz-fusion, too, and some progressive stuff as a drummer. The doom style gives the chance to apply many stuff for me in drumming.

Malte H.: I guess that's something every non-drummer can't understand that easily. I guess many people think that doom metal must be pretty boring for a drummer, 'cause the tempo is so damn slow, haha!

Luis: Yeah, but we play a lot with tempo changes and stuff.

Malte H.: Of course! That's one point in making the music of POEMA ARCANVS so interesting. It's full of dynamic and energy and on the other hand extremley emotional.
To summarize this up, I've got five keywords for you. Just write down the first thing coming through your mind by reading them:

Luis: Santiago de Chile: smog
Doom Metal: emotional
Mar de Grises: friends
Europe: beer
German Beer: awesome!

Malte H.: Haha. That's it. We've reached the end. I'd like to thank you for your time and wish you and POEMA ARCANVS all the best.
The last words on this interview are yours. ;)

Luis: Thank you very very much for the interest and support. Sorry, I'm not the most expressive guy for an interview... JAJAJA... we surely are going to meet again in Europe!!!


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