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Interview mit Peter Laustsen von When Nothing Remains

Interview mit Peter Laustsen

Malte H.: Hi Peter, how are you? Is everything fine up there in Sweden?

Peter: Hi Malte, everything's great over here. Right now I have vacation and working on moving my studio to a bigger room in the basement, and of course working on the material for next WHEN NOTHING REMAINS album, planned for an early 2013 release and 5-6 songs are done so far and I am kinda pleased with the results.

Malte H.: First of all congratulations to the release of your debut "As All Torn Asunder"! It's a nice album with an emotional, dark atmosphere. Are you glad with the result?

Peter: Well, I am very pleased to be honest, but as a musician you always highen the ribbs for doing better and better albums.

Malte H.: How are the reactions on it so far?

Peter: The feedback has been incredible, and it seems like people enjoy this release!

Malte H.: You're quite a young band. I guess many of our readers don't know you. Would you like to introduce your band to us?

Peter: No, people probably don't know much about WHEN NOTHING REMAINS yet. But the project includes a lot of famous names carefully choosen by me to do the best possible album. And I only wanted experienced people, experienced people when it comes to doom. And one of the thoughts here was to bring something fresh to the scene, something else then this typical beauty and the beast vocals with growl vocals and female vocals answering. I felt kinda tired of that concept since I done it before with NOX AUREA and I didn't wanted to create another NOX AUREA album. So I got the idea to contact Johan [Ericson] for clean vocals. And I feel that WHEN NOTHING REMAINS have that extra I wanted to create to get all my ideas out proper.

Malte H.: How come that you founded this project in cooperation with Jan [Sallander]?

Peter: To found a new project together with Jan is something we thought of for many years. We write all music together for our other death / black act THE COLD EXISTENCE and we had a lot of good ideas that doesn't really fit; so why not use them for something else?

Malte H.: You are a former member of another swedish Death / Doom band called NOX AUREA. Why did you left the band?

Peter: I am one of the founding members / brain behind NOX AUREA. There was some different reasons to left the band. First of all I wanted to create a new project where I was able to decide and handle the whole writing process by myself. And there was some disagreement with our label at that time.

Malte H.: So let's talk about "As All Torn Asunder". As I read the booklet I noticed that all lyrics are written by Daniela Svensson. She's not a part of the official band lineup, right? So who is she?

Peter: Daniela is my girlfriend, and we presented a concept for her and I came up with the titles and ask her to write the lyrics. No, she is not a member of the band, but I will use her for lyrics on the next album to, as I am not really comfortable myself with writing lyrics.

Malte H.: Is there a concept behind "As All Torn Asunder" and the lyrics?

Peter: Sure there is a concept, but I leave that up to one how they decipher the lyrics.

Malte H.: How long did you guys worked on the album? And how can we imagine the working process?

Peter: We working on this album for several years as we always write music to all our other bands. And when we make riffs that dosen't fit for one of the bands we take them to some of the other projects. So when I felt there was enough of material, we started to puzzle it together at the same time recording the album.

Malte H.: What inspires you as a musician to play such style of music? In some ways "As All Torn Asunder" reminds me of early SWALLOW THE SUN and DRACONIAN.

Peter: Well, I guess we write the kind of music closest to our hearts and I am a big fan of doom. Also this kind of music is a style I am good at creating. It gives me the calm inside I need as it's a good way of getting your feelings out.

Malte H.: There are some guest vocals by Johan Ericsson. He also mixed and mastered the album. I read that you know him for several years and it seems like he was an obvious choice for all the jobs though. Have you ever thought about someone else for this tasks?

Peter: No, Johan is a great guy, and I love his voice for this music. And I wanted musicians that I could give the responsible for making a good job on own descisions. And Johan is an experienced guy for just this sort of music. And if he had not been interessted in this I would not ask someone else and instead sing the clean parts myself.

Malte H.: Zoltan Horvath did a wonderful job with his cover artwork. Is there a connection between the songs and the cover? And was it your idea or his to get an artwork like this?

Peter: I always been very happy with his work. He also did the latest NOX AUREA artwork and I fell in love with his art. I write a concept for the albums and send it to Zoltan and he draws the artwork out from the concept he reads and I will use him for the coming WHEN NOTHING REMAINS album to.

Malte H.: Do you have a favorite track on the album?

Peter: Hmm, hard question, I like several of the tracks very much! But I think "As All Torn Asunder" is the most interessting track as it's really dark and emotional.

Malte H.: You and Jan started of as a duo and over time have become a full-membered band. So you've got a lineup for live shows now. Are there plans for a tour or some festival gigs?

Peter: Yes, that's true, we are a full band now! Nothing is planned at this moment and we recently got a new rehearsal place. We will start rehearsing the material and see where the offers for gigs / tours / festivals leads us. If something good turns up we might go for it.

Malte H.: Is there a band you really would like to tour with? And are you more a fan of tours with bands of a similar styles of music or do you prefer gigs with bands of different genres?

Peter: SWALLOW THE SUN, MY DYING BRIDE or PARADISE LOST would be great to tour with. And to get the right kind of crowd I think it's important that the bands touring together have a similar style.

Malte H.: You're in the rooster of Solitude Productions now. How did that come about?

Peter: Well, I know Solitude pretty well by now. And they always been very honest and good to work with. WHEN NOTHING REMAINS was suppossed to be in Napalm Records rooster at first, but it turns out that Solitude was a better label to work with.

Malte H.: What kind of music do you hear in your leisure time?

Peter: I listen all kinds of music from classical - metal!

Malte H.: Do you have any band recommendations for our readers? Some swedish underground insiders' tip?

Peter: Well, there will soon be a new project from me and Grim Vindkall from NOX AUREA called THETRA DERKAIN. More Funeral oriented doom metal in the veins of EVOKEN. More info about that later as we will start the recordings as soon we find some time from our other involvments.

Malte H.: We've reached the end of the interview. I'd like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best for the future! Keep on playing such a good Doom Metal! The last words are yours.

Peter: Thanks for the interview and watch out for both THETRA DERKAIN and WHEN NOTHING REMAINS.


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