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Interview mit Nornagest von Enthroned

Interview mit Nornagest

Das Interview führte: Benedikt W. am 11.05.2012

Benedikt W.: Hello Nornagest, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. In 2012 ENTHRONED released their ninth studio album called "Obsidium".
We already reviewed it on How do you want to present your new release to our readers? Please announce it in a few words:

Nornagest: "Obsidium" is the third chapter of the concept that we started with "Tetra Karcist", the album is the biggest achievement of Enthroned yet. Old and new fans will find a common ground as we have a lot of reminders to the older Enthroned albums through "Obsidium" but as well the general feeling which is present since "Tetra Karcist" and "Pentagrammaton".

Benedikt W.: ENTHRONED constantly denied scandinavic influences in their music.
What were the musical ambitions for "Obsidium", tell us something about your motivation and orientation at the songwriting process.

Nornagest: As usual we focus first on the lyrics and then the music. Especially when you perform this kind of art, the lyrics are the most important as we are a band that carries a message, a concept, the music then is composed as a soundtrack. Since the three last albums, we are dealing here with real things, no fantasy, no ideas or suppositions, but lived experiences, things that we went through while dealing with the Occult and through our Satanic / Sethian views, therefore the music has to be a strong carrier, something that we, as persons, can feel related to while reading, singing or remembering the texts that were written to exorcise, share or pay tribute to this or that being, event or situation.

Benedikt W.: You're the ENTHRONED fronter since 1995. Around you the lineup changed completely due the last years. Do you already have the true ENTHRONED-spirit or do you aim another intention?

Nornagest: The line-up is stable for now. The "spirit" never left me and I had it all along, else I wouldn't be doing this thing, wouldn't I?

Benedikt W.: According to several mags, you recorded "Obsidium" in your own studio. Do you have everything there you need, or did you think about recording an album in another studio some day.

Nornagest: Why would we record somewhere else, when we have our own studio? We have everything we need here, Blackout Multimedia is a professional recording studio working with a lot of different artists and bands but Enthroned remains our first priority as far as the recording goes, of course.

Benedikt W.: How do you work in your creative process? Are all members involved the same way? Who writes the lyrics and do you have a concept in "Obsidium"?

Nornagest: As I said, the 3 last records are all part of a global concept which deals with our life, I mean personal life, through the practices of the Occult. Each represent a chapter and therefore shall sound different but similar at the same time. We’ve been very pointy regarding the musical support of this lyrical concept; we just do not want to play again and again the same riffs, same this and same that, the music HAS to be the soundtrack for the lyrics and not yet another song.
"Tetra Karcist" for example, being the album that kick off this concept, has that very dark and mystic atmosphere which introduced and reveal the belief of the individuals behind the band, "Pentagrammaton" is similar but very different in its approach and dynamics as the content deals with events that really happened no fiction or gimmicks, just reality and that had to be represented within the music too.
"Obsidium" being the third chapter dealing with the achievement (what we’ve learnt, achieved through those experiences), what made us what we are and who we are, still building ourselves up, had to be intense, spontaneous. We have a very precise way to see how we want things to be, it is very personal and we always try to not please the listener but ourselves in the first place. The whole concept is very confusing to someone who is not involved within the occult and certainly almost impossible to get for some, but as I said, it is not meant to be easily accessible.

Benedikt W.: Is Satanism still a central topic for ENTHRONED? Which way of Satanism do you "prefer" and what means "Satan" for you symbolically?

Nornagest: Satanism, in its original and purest form that is, has always been the blood of Enthroned.
We are not speaking here of cheap "Black Metal" Satanism in its whole ridiculous, gimmick oriented, image feeding crap, but of the Secret Knowledge and Philosophy, reality that has been around for thousands of years, in its metaphysical form that is, something that not many people will understand or even know about which is undoubtedly a good thing!
Satan... I believe in Satan; I see him every morning in the mirror. This is just a title, a moniker: Ha-Shaitan = the Opposer, Opposer to the concept of Yahweh, the inseparable black to the white and as strength stands facing weakness. To believe in God you need faith, to believe in Satan, you just have to open your eyes!

Benedikt W.: How do you see the today's black metal subculture? Do you think that there is already a scene or that everything was better in the nineties?

Nornagest: Everything was way better when the scene was in the shades, the aura, the mystique made it something "dangerous" and “un acceptable” which kept the 90% of the morons you see today away from it. The reasons are obvious...

Benedikt W.: Next year ENTHRONED celebrate their 20th anniversary. Until now you only announced a few live sessions in may in the UK. Are you going to add other festival-shows or maybe a europe-tour to promote "Obsidium"?

Nornagest: Yes, some shows are not announced yet as nothing is officially confirmed. We are still within the negotiations process with Promoters and embassies to get permissions for Visums, the right dates, supports etc... Some things are already in movement regarding Europe, South America and maybe the US if we get the Visas.

Benedikt W.: Thanks for your statements! Would you like to say some final words to our readers?

Nornagest: Kheper-i kheper kheperu, kheper-kuy, m kheper n khepri kheperu m sep tepy.

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