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Interview mit Geoff Bub von Jungle Rot

Interview mit Geoff Bub von Jungle Rot

Sascha S.: "Terror Regime" is in my opinion the most "complete" Jungle Rot Release. Do you agree with that?

Geoff: I'm not sure if I would use the term complete, but it definately has a great vibe to it. I think Dave, Jimmy and I have come to a point with Jungle Rot where writing has become much easier and fun for us and it shows.

Sascha S.: Are you happy with "Terror Regime" and the reviews and reaction about it? For me it's the best Jungle Rot Release so far.

Geoff: Absolutely! A lot of positive reaction, I'm pumped you like it.

Sascha S.: Please tell us something about all the Line-Up changes. Is it really that hard to find a good Drummer in Wisconsin? Is Scott Fuller still in the Band and what happend there?

Geoff: Oddly enough I've become used to it. The Line up to me is Dave,Jimmy, and I. Half of the albums have been written with the three of us. Scott Fuller just did our Europe festival run in August. He had some free time and expressed interest in touring as his main band Abysmal Dawn had August off.

Sascha S.: I was a bit surprised when i heard that Jungle Rot were signed by Victory Records. How did this Deal happen? Is it the right choice for an Old-School-Death Band and are you satisfied with them?

Geoff: We are also getting used to that question haha. I like to call fans that keep track of EVERYTHING dataminers. Often I feel like a dumbass talking to an 16 year old and he's railing off band/line-up/label stats that occured 20 years before he was born. It seems metal heads of that nature are the ones that don't understand Jungle Rot signing to Victory. I couldn't guess in a multiple choice question what label any of my favorite bands were on growing up. I'm 36 years old and I have never bought an album because of the label the band was on. VIctory is the best label Jungle Rot has worked with period. As far as I know Dave lightly badgered Tony about signing Jungle Rot for the last 20 years, apparently after hearing Kill on Command he finally bit, and we are glad he did. Its the right choice for any genre to sign to Victory Records.

Ronald B.: If you got to collaberate with an Artist, who and why?

Geoff: For a Jungle Rot album Gene Hoglan on drums!

Sascha S.: What is your favourite Jungle Rot Release so far and why? For me "Terror Regime" is a little bit in front of "Dead and Buried". Both got this Bolt Thrower influenced Tank-Ride feeling.

Geoff: "Terror Regime" just edges out What "Horrors Await" in my book. I only have the writing process to compare though, I never really jam out JR albums.

Sascha S.: What would you say which main influences does Jungle Rot have?

Geoff: The German Invasion! Kreator, Sodom, Destruction. That inspired Dave to pick up a guitar and get this ball rolling.

Ronald B.: Is Bolt Thrower a influence for you guys?

Geoff: Not really, fucking amazing band though.

Sascha S.: You haven't been in Europe since 2009 as you told me. Do you like Europe? Which crowd is the best? I think it's somewhere in Germany isn´t it... ?!?

Geoff: There is only one thing not to like about Europe, and that is the absolute absence of ice cubes... wtf is up with that? We of course love playing in Europe, with Germany and Holland being my favorite countries to play.

Ronald B.: You guys quite achieved a bit, how do you look to the road getting here so far?

Geoff: Looking back at the road I bet would scare the shit out of me. It's not really a road, try to visualize rock climbing an 8000' cliff and looking down when you're halfway up.

Sascha S.: Who did the "Terror Regime" Cover? In my opinion the Art totally fits to the music...

Geoff: Gyula Havancsák did his usual killer work on Terror Regime. We got the pleasure of meeting him recently while in Budapest. A true talent.

Sascha S.: "Skin the Living" as a reissue, who's idea was that? They also released it as a coloured Vinyl? Crazy don't you think?

Geoff: I don't know who brought it up first actually, but Skin the Living is classic and deserves it. Jungle Rot really hasn't put much vinyl out so why not.

Ronald B.: There is a sort of revival going on in the metalworld... Do you guys notice something from it?

Geoff: I see everyone trying, with the way things are at most venues now its hard for people to let er rip like you could in the 80's. These "no fun or you are kicked out" venues make it hard to develope solid scenes.

Sascha S.: Who's the Hardcore Fan in Jungle Rot? The D.R.I. Cover "I Don't Need Society" is a class of it's own...

Geoff: Jimmy and Dave, I remember driving after a show and JImmy was playin random songs of the ipod and this song starts playing and Dave is ripping the vocals out. We all looked at each other and said lets do it, and here we are.

Ronald B.: If you got to change something in your career, What would it be?

Geoff: I'd play drums! In my first crappy highschool band I was the drummer, way too much fun.

Sascha S.: Did you ever imagine that Jungle Rot would grow that big?

Geoff: I'm sure if you asked the original line-up they would say no, but I say yes. I hope most people would agree that we are a live band. The more we play out the more fans we gain that never heard of us until that show. Some people could listen to Terror Regime and not even lift and eyebrow, but see it live and be hooked for life. The first half of the 2000's we struggled to get tours, now they come a bit easier so we are gaining ground.

Ronald B.: Besides playing in an amazing metalband, what else are ya interests?

Geoff: Dave is an avid hunter, it's for sure his favorite passtime. Other than that we are pretty boring and average.

Sascha S.: If you had to pick the best 5 Albums ever which ones would that be?

Geoff: Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Beneath the Remains - Sepultura
Awake - Dream Theater
Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik - Taake
Them - King Diamond

Sascha S.: Which Band or Person inspires you most?

Geoff: Marty Friedman, just love his style.

Sascha S.: What was your first Metal Vinyl, where did you get it? Can you remember your feelings when you first heard it?

Geoff: I'm not much into collecting, I have maybe 4 or 5 records. Have 2 record players around but no needles...

Sascha S.: Are you listening to something besides Metal or even Rock?

Geoff: Not at the moment, I bartend while not touring and get to hear enough country/rap/pop for a lifetime. I will say my fav pop song is from Daft Punk, get lucky, what a bass line.

Sascha S.: How did you came to this War Theme? Was it because the name Jungle Rot sounded cool?

Geoff: Metal should be about something violent in nature. Our theme is more the product of what our lyrics are about. War comes naturally when a government is ripe with corruption and greed.

Ronald B.: What is the next milestone you wish to achieve with jungle rot? Something like another dvd release?

Geoff: That would be expanding our territory, Japan, Russia, Africa, India, China, Australia, South America, Central America. Lots to do yet.

Ronald B.: This is about it is there anything you wish to say to our readers?

Geoff: Thanks for staying interested long enough to read this all the way to the end. Do your best to support the bands you love, and the venues you love. Practice headbanging before you go a show so you can last longer, and eat your vegetables. Cheers!

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