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Interview mit Luis Hernandez von Alpha & Omega

Interview mit Luis Hernandez von Alpha & Omega

Julian V.: Hi guys, thanks for taking your time to answer my questions. So, your album "No Rest, No Peace" droped like a bomb. How difficult was it to make this record so powerful?

Luis H.: It took us awhile. We wrote it in pieces over the last year and a half. Between touring and peoples jobs. I'm glad we took our time on it and made sure it came out exactly how we wanted it. We had a big chunk of it written and then once Chad came into preproduction he really helped us strengthen the songs and make them as solid as possible.

Julian V.: What is your favourite song on "No Rest, No Peace"?

Luis H.: "Underworld", "Chains of Life", "Questions & Devils" are my favorites for sure. But honestly, there isn't a song on the record that I don't like. I'm extremely happy with how it came out.

Julian V.: What's the story behind the track "Lost my Way"?

Luis H.: Daily struggle to balance life. Between being on tour all year long, playing in a hardcore band and living what other people would consider a "normal" life. Wanting to live both lives and being torn. Honestly I feel like if you want something bad enough you gotta fully embrace it and run with it and in doing so other areas of your life are going to fall to the sidelines.

Julian V.: Do you have any tour plans for Germany, yet?

Luis H.: We were just there this past summer. But we're def planning on coming back in early to mid 2014.

Julian V.: How was the work on the album?

Luis H.: It was slow and broken up and spread apart. But I'm glad it ended up that way. Each song got a lot of attention. And I think that's what we lacked on the last record.

Julian V.: What was your motivation for "No Rest, No Peace"?

Luis H.: Life. It's just about my life the last few years since we started the band in 2008

Julian V.: How was the fan reaction?

Luis H.: Shows are shows. Some are packed and others aren't. We just make sure to go out every night and have a good time. Do our thing for 10 kids or 500 kids. It's no difference to us.

Julian V.: The interview is coming to an end. Is there anything left you would like to say?

Luis H.: Check out "No Rest, No Peace" out on Bridge 9 records. Shout out to TAKE OFFENSE and MALFUNCTION, who we're out on tour with right now.

Julian V.: Thank you for this interview. I love your record. Thanks for this awesome work.

Luis H.: Thanks for taking the time to write this interview out and listening to our record. Can't wait to make it back out to Germany.

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