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Interview mit Erik von Abnormal Thought Patterns

Interview with Jasun from Abnormal Thought Patterns

ABNORMAL THROUGH PATTERS, These guys are like something I can't explain, I'm not by any means a fan of instrumental music at all, but they have a certain, something I can't put my finger on, I was very late to find these, but they are actually the reason I got into Instrumental Prog, They have a unique sound, and extremely unique style that will carry them as far as they wanna go. I've recently had the privilege to interview these guys and here are the answers to my questions.

Darren K.: How did you guys first meet?

Jasun: My brother Troy (Bass), Mikey (Drummer) and I started jamming back in 1993. Mikey was playing with a few friends of ours and Troy told me he felt Mikey would be a very good fit with us. We started chatting with Mikey and we've been playing music ever since. Recently our friend Jason Montero has joined the group to take care of all the 2nd guitar duties. We recently played A West Coast (States) tour with Into Eternity which went very well for Abnormal Thought Patterns. We all get along great and we're excited to see what happens next.

Darren K.: When did you decide to form a band?

Jasun: ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS came to life in 2008. It was a complete accident, honestly. I was building my recording studio, knowing that my brother was going through some problems with his arm. I knew that things were going to be different with how we rehearse and track new music. So I built my studio and basically, I did a couple of test runs with just recording a couple of instrumentals, so I could get the ins-and-outs of the new system that I had. One of those songs was all four movements of "Velocity and Acceleration." My brother [Troy Tipton, bass] was like, "We should put out an instrumental CD."
I was hesitant to do it, and then I started playing it to some of my friends, and they just said, "Oh my gosh, man. When are you going to put this out?"
The reaction was very cool, and then we saw ANIMALS AS LEADERS out there playing and they were getting a great response for instrumental music. Mikey, Troy and I have always liked doing this style of music. With us playing together for so long it's an easy fit for us. I'm free to do whatever I want guitar-wise with ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS. I will play with a lot of feel in areas. Play a lot of crazy, abnormal patterns that work against and together with the crazy Bass and Drum lines. Add some chord chemistry of Jazz with Fusion/Bop licks. Being and instrumental band we can push the instruments as far as we want.

Darren K.: Were you all friends before the band was formed?

Jasun: When we first met Mikey he was a friend of a friend. We didn't know him before the band. It's crazy to think that now as we're all totally brother's. Jason Montero was friends with my sister Brittany. He started taking some guitar lesson from me. A few years later he started taking bass lessons from my bro. We became friends and would go see some concerts together. Jason and Mikey are really great people.

Darren K.: Were any of you in bands prior to ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS? If so what bands were you in before?

Jasun: Troy, Mikey and I were in the Progressive-Metal act ZERO HOUR. We released 5 CD's off Sensory Records (A Division of The Laser's Edge). We were fortunate to play many great festivals and tour out in Europe and the States. Troy and I also currently play in the band CYNTHESIS. CYNTHESIS just came out with our 2nd release "ReEvolution" in June.

Darren K.: What caused them to disband or you to leave the band?

Jasun: My brother Troy had his surgery in late 2007 and at that time we just needed a new begining. For us we're very happy writing, recording and playing live with ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS. Troy told me he's done with ZERO HOUR and with that said ZERO HOUR is no longer.

Darren K.: What first got you guys into the category of music you play?

Jasun: It starts back with Ritchie Blackmores RAINBOW and PINK FLOYD. Later we found inspiration from so many bands. PAT METHENY GROUP, PINK FLOYD, DEATH, CYNIC, DREAM THEATER, MESHUGGAH, ANIMALS AS LEADERS to name a few.

Darren K.: Given you're such a unique genre of music: Who are your influences?

Jasun: The bands i just mentioned helped with our sounds. Being the guitarist my guitar influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Pat Metheny, John Sykes, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, David Gilmour, Gary Moore, Marty Friedman, Buckethead, Sean Lane, Greg Howe, Richie Kotzen and so many more.

Darren K.: What are the future plans for ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS?

Jasun: The bands goal is to play some festivals and shows in Europe in 2014. We look forward to playing more shows in the States and start recording the next ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS disc in 2014.

Darren K.: Where do you see ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS 5 years from now?

Jasun: Writing, recording and performing. We really love the creating process of ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS.

Darren K.: What's next in store for ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS?

Jasun: We just finished the tour with INTO ETERNITY and our live set is very strong. We just want to add a couple more songs to the set for 2014. We want to play a good amount of material in 2014.

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