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Interview mit Vanessa Nocera von Skeletal Spectre

Interview mit Vanessa Nocera von Skeletal Spectre

Das Interview führte: Sascha S. am 15.12.2011

Sascha S.: Hi Vanessa. Would you be so nice and introduce yourself and your band.

Vanessa: Hey there! I am Vanessa Nocera, I perform ALL vocals in SKELETAL SPECTRE and my other band members are Behold the Pentagram on guitars and bass, and Haunting the Beyond on drums.

Sascha S.: What are your plans for 2012? A germany tour would be nice...

Vanessa: Oh yes, a tour in Germany, or anywhere would be excellent! So far plans are to record and release the third SKELETAL SPECTRE album and maybe from there we will see if we get any offers to play live.

Sascha S.: The new SKELETAL SPECTRE vocals are unique. Why are you singing now? Did the other guys just ask you or how came it to this?

Vanessa: Actually, I WAS asked to sing. Haha! It wasn't my intent when I joined. I figured it would be straight death metal growls and harsh vocals, but per request I incorporated clean singing in some tracks. I'm happy with the way they turned out, and I'm sure it gets varied reactions from people, but we hear all good things which is nice.

Sascha S.: I read that you already did some lyrics for the first album. Is it hard for you to make lyrics? They are not just about blood and guts aren't they?

Vanessa: Lyrics and music come naturally to me. I've been playing guitar since age 9 and writing lyrics since I was 11. When I was younger I wrote all "brutal" type lyrics, but as I grew older I wanted to involve a more stylized approach. Some of my lyrics are vicious and some are mixed with a poetic approach. I enjoy both kinds. I grew up in Kentucky where storytelling, especially about ghosts and monsters are very popular. I take influence from this when I write.

Sascha S.: What influences do you've got? I heard you are a big Pat Benatar fan is that right?

Vanessa: I actually do like Pat Benetar. I grew up listening to her, Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hind, SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES, Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, and I also listened to a lot of thrash and death metal. Chris Barnes and early CANNIBAL CORPSE as well as early MORBID ANGEL was what I was first practicing death metal vocals with when I was 12 or 13. I still have tapes of myself practicing at this age. Ha! It's amazing my list of influences.

Sascha S.: Who did that cool "Occult Spawned Premonitions" Cover. It's really doomy and 70s like...

Vanessa: He would be the amazing artist Daniel "Devlish" Johnsson! The idea was inspired by old art that my husband had found and we really liked it and wanted to see it in a different setting, so to speak. We sent the idea to Daniel, and in no time he had the amazing art finished! I really hope to work with him again in the future on another release!

Sascha S.: Why are the other guys hiding their faces? Is it because oft he IRS or the police? Behold the Pentagram is Rogga Johansson, right?

Vanessa: They actually are hiding from the law...! ha! Just joking. I guess the secret is out about one of the other members. The OTHER guy...well, ...

Sascha S.: "Scalped" is one of my favourite tracks 2011 and "Domain of the Fleshless Ones" has one of the best headbang-parts ever! What will the new album bring?

Vanessa: Thanks for the great words! The new album is a little more melodic, but just as heavy and with many headbanging parts intact. As I stated earlier, there will be some clean singing again on this one, so it's taking me a little longer to come up with vocal arrangements.

Sascha S.: Tell us something about your other bands. Will there be another WOODEN STAKE CD in 2012?

Vanessa: Yes, WOODEN STAKE is about to release a compilation CD including all of our EP songs from 7"'s, our demo, and a brand new song! Hopefully we will record some new material next year, but we shall see.
My other band SCAREMAKER is about to release a split CD with CRYPTICUS on Selfmadegod Records, and I am currently writing all of the music and some lyrics for the second full-length album. I've been keeping busy with this as well as some other projects that will be announced later as they develop.

Sascha S.: Will you release your 7inches as a CD someday, somehow?

Vanessa: Probably will. We're doing that with WOODEN STAKE, so I don't see why we wouldn't do it with SKELETAL SPECTRE. We need more 7" releases though if we're to do that.

Sascha S.: You and your husband Billy are running "Razorback Records". How are thing going with your label?

Vanessa: The label is great and has really strengthened in the last couple of years. It continues to grow and we've been looking for new bands to work with. We just released the second Mausoleum CD "Back From the Funeral" which has done outstanding, and soon we will be releasing albums from Sepulchral and Blizaro. Another aspect we are looking forward to is revamping and improving our website and making some appearances at local horror cons!

Sascha S.: You're also a big horror fan. What would you say which three films should everybody have seen?

Vanessa: Only three? These questions are always hard because I've been a horror fan since I was a zygote! Ha! My mom read Stephen King's "The Stand" when she was pregnant with me so I merit saying that. With gun pointed to my head and only three to choose I would say "Dawn of the Dead" (1978), "Maniac" (1981), and "Nightmare on Elm Street" (1984). In a week that list will change. Ha!

Sascha S.: Are you more into the gory ones or is it more the atmosphere you like in those films?

Vanessa: I like both, but I prefer a doomy, bleak atmosphere. Everyone is surprised when Billy and I say that we prefer black and white/Universal monsters over "gore" movies. One of our favorite movies ever is the original "Frankenstein". We also love Hammer and Amicus and these are usually ones we choose to watch.

Sascha S.: Thanks a lot for your time. Please feel free to say anything you like...

Vanessa: Thank you for the interview! I also want to say thanks to everyone for supporting SKELETAL SPECTRE, and keep your eyes peeled for MORE things to come from us!

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