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Interview mit Antonio Jimenez

Interview mit Antonio Jimenez

Das Interview führte: Sascha S. am 04.11.2011 

Sascha S.: First of all tell as something about your person. Where were you born and raised? You've been to school in the States is that right?

Antonio: Alright, well to brief it up a bit; I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and shortly afterwards taken to the U.S. I lived in California up until about 7 years of age when the big earthquake had my family move to Arizona. I was there up until I turned 18 in which I moved back to my homeland to be reunited with family.

Sascha S.: What equipment do you use?

Antonio: I use a Macintosh and Windows Computer to make my designs. I tend to go back and forth to do 3D renders and just simple editing on my Mac. Programs I like using the most is Terragan, Corel painter and the Adobe programs such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge.

Sascha S.: When and where did you start making such artworks?

Antonio: After a year that I started High school I needed to make money and through self awareness I realized that I was good at drawing and so I began to make logos for bands that I knew.

Sascha S.: Please tell us something about the working process. Do you paint the pictures first? Is it all digital or do you still use pens or pencils?

Antonio: Alright for Logos and art I have different methods so let me start with Logos. I sketch them out, afterwards I decide whether I will continue to edit on photoshop with fonts or draw it myself completely. If I do draw it myself I start with going over it with a pen and then scanning it. After its scanned I perfect and add effects using Photoshop. Now with art I always sketch out the idea first. After that I decide whether I will use Corel to paint, 3D renders or simply photo manipulation as I am doing art using all three procedures.

Sascha S.: For an European customer you're pricing is very low. How can you offer such a quality artwork for that less money? Is living in Mexico that cheap?

Antonio: I always was more about supporting the scene so I had always charged low prices however due to the economy I try to keep my prices affordable for all sorts of bands. In Mexico many bands can't afford high products so I try to keep everything at a good rate. Due to more knowledge and usage of programs the price is going to go up by next year however they will still be affordable and the best priced artwork for high quality and professional service.

Sascha S.: Who was you're most famous customer?

Antonio: The most famous customer I had was ANNOTATIONS OF AN AUTOPSY and I worked with a worker from METAL BLADE RECORDS for a personal Logo.

Sascha S.: What are the best and worst arts you did by now?

Antonio: One of my favorite pieces I have made that makes me proud is the DEATHLOCK and COVERED IN SCARS artwork which took a very long time to get the high quality and professional results that it has. As far as worst pieces to my knowledge I always provide the best products to all my customers but of course when I first started out I did have some very basic album covers that weren't the best but descent for one of my first covers.

Sascha S.: What was the most extreme art you did and who ordered it?

Antonio: The most extreme art I have made since this day is for a band called SERENE MOLESTATION from Canada. The plot was to make the most grotesque and sexually obscure scene I could. So in this art I did just that by having a very gorey sex scene with a great touch that makes it that much obscure!

Sascha S.: Isn't it hard for a bloodthirsty, homosexuell, goregrind maniac to life in catholic Mexico?

Antonio: Well I can tell you that I'm well accepted in the Metal Community in Mexico as I haven't received any negative response to my sexual preference. Which is good as it shouldn't be of any importance to anyone. Mexico has always had a strange gay scene which is if you're out, show it if not hide it. So typically when Mexicans think of homosexuals, they are flamboyant and out which isn't bad it just has those that are not flamboyant hidden in the closet. The response to my sexuality in the Phoenix was horrible as it goes to show you how much hatred there was in the scene there. That is why from my knowledge the local shows are empty now. Too much hatred there.

Sascha S.: Tell us something about your Band INFEXXXION RENAL. The sick cover is ready but where is the cd? I listened to some songs on your myspace page....funny stuff ;-)

Antonio: We are actually in the Studio and I have 2 songs with me already if you care to listen. We are all family so I decided to help them when I came to Mexico. We play a mixture of Technical, gore, porno grind metal. We have our own style we follow and this coming December we plan to release our first EP!

Sascha S.: Last question. Would you change your style if someone would offer you enough money?

Antonio: I would never change my style but I am currently studying in Digital Design which initially I'll be working for clients of all sorts from companies, businesses and music groups of all genres. Metal however I will always work through Brutal Disorder Logos no matter what :) Thank you very much for the interview and I hope one day I can tour Europe with my art and meet many of my clients over seas!

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